GPBC Global Passive Building Council - partner scientifico

Mission of GPBC
The mission of the Global Passive Building Council is to facilitate global carbon reduction, human comfort and habitat resilience in all climates through passive design.
We will accomplish this mission through the following actions, including but not limited to:

1. Build an organization whose members contribute to the global knowledge base, through evaluation, testing, reporting back and re-integrating their experiences into globally applicable, passive strategies and transparent standards open to anyone to adopt and apply.

2. Provide a platform to network, collaborate, and share existing passive design experience and methodologies, opportunities and tools.

3. Become an open-source global clearing house for passive design resources in multiple languages as available.Develop a clear roadmap for passive strategies in order to achieve wide-spread implementation and deep energy reduction globally. 

4. Work to define globally applicable core standards and metrics that allow for adaptation to address regional climate and local contexts.

5. Educate policy makers, practitioners, industry and other stakeholders about passive building strategies, programs and standards.

6. Facilitate popularization and implementation of strategies and governmental policies to increase the uptake of passive buildings worldwide.

7. Foster evolution beyond passive buildings to zero and positive energy buildings.

8. Keep evolving.