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GET system e-HOME Switzerland

The factory house - GET system e-HOME Switzerland 

GET is born from the merging of the thirty years expertise into the achitectural industry of the its founder, whose works range from the residential planning, retail, HO.RE.CA keys in hand, to the new building technologies and the costruction siste’s industrialisation.
From this experience is born a new approch that puts the psychophysical well-being of a person in the centre of real estate projects through the realisation of passive or active buildings, all made with the GET e-HOME system by AAKHON.

Skills are very useful for promoting a new approach in real estate.

The architecture and the technical physics of the buildings have always combined beauty and functionality of the buildings together with the wellbeing of the users. All this until the mid-1900s, after speculation, in addition to the introduction of water heating systems, they reduced the performance of the building envelope to the detriment of well-being and pollution,

The current architecture is responsible for 50% of the harmful emissions in the air, it is no longer possible to continue in this way, the goal that we set ourselves is to build buildings to zero consumption than that necessary to themselves in order to be used for electric mobility.

The difficulty to overcome is the diffidence of the new system, because it has the advantage of technical data and irrefutable verification, but the fact of having to change a status quo is always done so ... My workers already know what to do on site).

The new introduction at European level of new standards for the construction of almost zero buildings (nZEB) have brought down the certainties in the construction world, the old systemic constructions, are no longer able to face the new demands, if not with an increase in costs , which the current crisis is unable to bear. So what was a possibility of business innovation has become a necessity imposed by regulations.

  • NZEB (almost zero energy building) regulation from 2020 in the EU
  • 2050 Energy Strategy in Switzerland with a 20% cut in C02      emissions from fossil fuels by 2020 and a 50% increase in the use of renewable energy
  • Acoustic performance of the SIA 181 building
  • SIA 261 anti-seismic regulations    

The context therefore becomes innovative, able to create economies of scale that allow the elision of many fixed costs. A product that, however, is made on the customer's will and on his needs, able to challenge flexibility and modernity to the real estate industry.

Sustainable heating and sustainable mobility. It is time to think about how we are transforming the way we heat our buildings and our cities. The current phase is a fundamental phase in the life of our cities and civilizations, it is the "energy transaction" that through the use of renewable sources as a sustainable economy and sustainable cities. The role of the building in this process is primary, equal to the role of mobility:

the process is now unstoppable and it is only a matter of time.

We have worked internationally on the best experiences in architecture, engineering and physics of buildings, we have been united in society, as we have been industrial partners, leaders in every single sector, to create a home system that has been present in the market building industry, it has worked to bring it to Switzerland, and will take charge of the dissemination of innovative and innovative companies and designers.

2017 - e-HOME by AAKHON was mentioned among the best practices of the annual GreenItaly report, one of the most authoritative analyzes on the Italian green economy.

Reference: Symbola Foundation 2017

2019 - With the report "100 Italian Stories for future Building", Fondazione Symbola and Fassa Bortolo, in collaboration with the Milan Triennale, with experts in the sector and with MadeExpo as a technical partner, they presented the story of a hundred companies in the building supply chain innovation, challenge the future.

Among the 100 Italian excellences, here is also appearing Aakhon with its history of innovation, sustainability, comfort and energy efficiency for the smart home of the future with the e-HOME system.

Reference: Symbola Foundation 201


With the "Home System e-HOME by Aakhon" GET reinvents the

"psycho-physical wellbeing"

Living in a healthy, comfortable and safe home.